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Closing Ceremony in Koreana Patent & Law Firm (2022.12)
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Closing Ceremony in Koreana Patent & Law Firm (December 29, 2022)


On December 29th, Koreana Patent Law Firm held a ceremony to wrap up the year 2022.


This year, due to the circumstances of Corona virus 19, representative partner Lee Yoon-min delivered his speech through broadcasting in a non-face-to-face way.


As a year-end greeting, Mr. Lee looked back at the past 3 years in relation to COVID-19.  He noted that it was regrettable that the resolutions and plans made at the end of the previous year were not fulfilled due to the actual circumstances inside and outside the firm, but he gave an encouragement to hang on.

He also said that he will focus on two things in the new year.

First, the firm will be trying to do more active marketing for potential clients as well as existing clients, and to that end, he asked for cooperation from related departments.

Second, he asked for cooperation so that members can actively accept cooperation between departments and work improvement to improve the company's competitiveness.


Then, he set forth what Koreana Patent & Law Firm should do, as follows. “Our clients are all of you who create clients’ satisfaction in the name of Koreana, and helping each and every member of the Koreana family realize the dream of client satisfaction is the value for clients that Koreana creates.”


Lastly, he finished the 2022 closing ceremony with a thank you to the Koreana members who worked hard this year, wishing a happy new year.