Title 45th Anniversary Ceremony
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45th Anniversary Ceremony

KOREANA held a 45th anniversary ceremony at the year-end party of 2015 with families at the Renaissance



In the speeches opening the ceremony, Haesun Park, a senior managing partner noted that the circumstances that the firm is in and the patent industry itself should be diagnosed accurately, and emphasized that the firm's valuable human resources are the most important factor in maintaining the top-of-the-line quality services.


The speeches were followed by a prize-giving event in which best performance employees and long-serving employees were awarded for their service.  The ceremony continued as employs took the stage for a talent show of group/individual performances, heating up the atmosphere of the venue.


The ceremony came to a close with an encore by the best-performing group and with KOREANA's ending song, as the whole staff wishing in their mind that the year of 2016 will be another year of success.

















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